Create your dream wardrobe

Getting the fit and design of a sewing project just rigth is almost magical. With the right techniques and a bit of practice, you will get it.

Let us teach you the patternmaking and sewing techniques that can make your wardrobe dreams come true.

choose Skaberlyst?

Welcomme to Skaberlyst.

Skaberlyst has been teaching sewing and patternmaking in our Danish online and live sewing classes since 2011. This English part of our website has launched in 2021, and we look forward to welcome you to our online sewing classes soon.

In our little corner of the internet, you can learn to sew the oldfashioned way. We can teach you to transform the flat fabrics into beautiful dresses, skirts, blouses or pants. Into clothes, that suit your body, your style and your life.

If you are ready to give it at go and put a bit of effort into your sewing, it can bring you almost magical moments, when you create your own clothes from scratch. Clothes, that are exatly what you dreamt it should be.

Before moving on, however,  we do have a warning for you. If you are not already a bit nerdy about your sewing, bafore long, you will be one of us sewing geeks.

One of us, who care a lot about the quality of a good fabric, about sewing techniques, how much preasure your steamer has and how to hide as many raw edges inside the seams as possible.

One of us, who gets an idea for a garment goes into the sewing room and only reappears when the idea has become a wearable reality.

But no worries. You are not alone on this journey.

We have your back and are here to guide you safely along the way.

We area small company of professionally trained sewing geeks, that help you making your sewing dreams come true.

Our background is in tailoring, patternmaking, teaching and fashiondesign. The ideal combination of skills to help you improve your own sewing.

We are here to teach you to create your own clothes from scratch. And you don’t even have to leave your home og drag your sewing machine along. Our knowledge of sewing and patternmaking will come to you in online classes, patterns and magazines with easy-to-follow guides – even for the difficult stuff.

You can follow the classes in your own pace and learn new techniques and skills whenever it suits your.

We look so much forward to unfold our digital sewing universe in English, and hope you will join us on this magical journey towards the worlds greatest wardrobes.

Fill your wardrobe with your favorite clothes of your own making – follow along for upcoming classes and magazines.


All the fun for you …


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Sewing classes

Our sewing classes in English will be available here. We look forward to welcome you to our first online classes in English.

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On the blog we share free guides and sewing tricks, that will make it a lot easier for you to get the results, you long for.

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