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Learn sewing and pattern construction at home in your living room with our online tutorial.

choose Skaberlyst?

Sewing is traditionally something you have to get out of the house to learn on a sewing team. But that does not have to be the case. You can learn sewing and pattern construction at your very own pace and exactly when you feel like and need to learn. All you have to do is sign up for an online sewing course here at Skaberlyst.

The sewing and cutting techniques you learn in the courses are filmed on video so you can watch them over and over again. That way, you get both the benefits of having a written sewing material you can look up and the benefits of seeing the techniques performed. It all takes place in Danish, and you just need a computer or ipad and an internet connection to join.

If you want a taste of what I am for one and how it works with sewing on video, take a trip past the blog where you can get an idea of the style and content. There are more than 100 videos on the blog, and new ones are coming regularly.


All the fun for you …


In need of sewing equipment for your next project? Look no further. Have a look in the webshop.

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